Information for refugees from Ukraine

Financial support for refugees from Ukraine was provided under the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act until May 31, 2022. The district of Harburg was responsible for this. As of June 1, 2022, protection seekers from Ukraine who are entitled to benefits under SGB II are entitled to unemployment benefit II. The Jobcenter Landkreis Harburg is responsible for this. If you previously received benefits under the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act, there is a transition period. The continued payment of benefits under the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act is guaranteed for up to three months. We have summarized further information for you here.

Registration in the district of Harburg

You can only apply for cash benefits after the official registration. Registration is possible in all German cities. Registration is important so that you can work in Germany or receive government assistance.

Please note that you can only receive benefits from the Jobcenter Landkreis Harburg if you are registered in this district. It is not possible for the Jobcenter Landkreis Harburg to grant benefits to persons who have registered in Hamburg, for example.

Information on the right of residence, work permit and registration can be found on the website of the district of Harburg:

Financial support

Residence permits expiring at the beginning of March are automatically extended

Residence permits of persons who were in possession of a valid residence permit on February 01, 2024 will be extended until March 04, 2025.

This extension is automatic; it is not necessary to go to the migration department in the district.

SGB II benefits (citizen's allowance) will continue to be paid by the Jobcenter beyond March 4, 2024. The approval period is stated in the first paragraph of every approval notice.

The benefits will be paid until the end of this approval period if the other requirements are met. If citizen's allowance is still required after the approval period, an application for continued approval must be submitted.

You will receive this in the post six weeks in advance.

As of June 1, 2022, the following applies:
Protection seekers from Ukraine who entered the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany after February 23, 2022, can apply for unemployment benefit II directly after registration and issuance of a fictitious certificate or granting of a residence title according to Section 24 (1) of the Residence Act. In addition, other requirements such as need for assistance and earning capacity must be met. Counseling and financial support is provided by the Jobcenter Landkreis Harburg.


When calculating your benefits, you will be considered as a single person capable of working or as a so-called "community of needs". If you live with several people in the same household and run the household together economically, you may be treated together as a community in need.

A community of need includes:

  • those eligible for benefits who are able to work;
  • the partner of a person entitled to benefits who is capable of working; these are:
    • the spouse who is not permanently separated,
    • the partner who is not permanently separated or
    • a partner in a so-called community of responsibility ("marriage-like community"). This applies not only to partnerships between a man and a woman, but also to same-sex partners whose partnership is not registered;
  • the unmarried children of the beneficiary capable of work or of the partner, if they have not yet reached the age of 25;
  • the parents or the parent (with partner, if applicable) of an employable unmarried child who has not yet reached the age of 25.

If other relatives (e.g. aunt, uncle) or in-laws live in the household, they belong to the so-called household community, not to the community of need. If necessary, they form their own community of need.

Persons who have exceeded the age limit according to § 7a of the Second Book of the German Social Code (SGB II) or who have not yet reached the age of 15 and have entered the country without a parent do not belong to a community of need. In these cases, the social benefits department of the district of Harburg is responsible. This group of people can file an application for basic benefits with the district of Harburg.


  • For the payment of benefits you need a bank account. All people in Germany have the right to open a so-called basic account at a bank of their choice. You can obtain the application directly from a bank or savings bank. On the Website of the Federal Government you will find the most important information about the basic account.
  • Eligible persons at the Jobcenter are covered by health insurance. Please contact a health insurance company of your choice with your customer number in order to be insured there. As soon as you have a membership certificate from the health insurance company, please submit a copy of it to us. The membership certificate can also be submitted later than the other application documents. You will be insured from the beginning of the approval period.
  • After the application has been submitted, the job center will assign customer numbers and joint needs numbers (BG numbers) to the applicants. Please always include these numbers when communicating with the job center.
Application forms

A short application form has been prepared by the Jobcenter Landkreis Harburg to simplify the application process. The form is also in Ukrainian.

Please submit your application for unemployment benefit II in writing or by e-mail. If you need an appointment for a personal check-out or submission, please inform us of your desired appointment time. You can use the information sheet Documents for application submission as a guide as to which documents you should bring with you in addition to the application form.

An online application is also possible. However, only the long version of the Unemployment Benefit II application is available here, and in German.

Do you have children? Then you may be entitled to child benefit. Here you can find the application and information.

Do you incur costs for excursions for your children at school or daycare? Or is school transportation or learning support required? The Jobcenter can also cover the cost of lunch at school or daycare center or contributions to cultural or sports facilities. Please take a look at this website under Beneficiaries / Family & Children.

You can find more forms (including the long version of the unemployment benefit II application) here.

Accommodation and living

Accommodation costs

If you have already rented an apartment:
The expenses for housing costs (rent and heating) are initially taken into account in the actual amount. After 6 months, the costs will be reviewed to determine whether they are reasonable.

If you are planning to rent an apartment:
Please present the unsigned contract to the Jobcenter before signing the new lease. The Jobcenter will only recognize the actual costs for accommodation and heating in the benefit calculation if they are reasonable. The applicable maximum rental rates can be found in the information sheet. Further information can be found here.

If housing is provided to you in exchange for a service charge, please send us the proof for consideration. The proof should be an informal letter with the details of the house/apartment owner and the Ukrainian residents. It is also necessary to indicate the amount of the lump sum.
Both parties must sign the document. The lump sum is paid to the housing provider only upon request. As a rule, payment is made to the applicant together with the other benefits.
The Harburg County Job Center has prepared a sample agreement that you are welcome to use. An information sheet has been prepared for persons who provide the housing.

Initial furnishing of the apartment

A separate application can be submitted to the Job Center for necessary furnishings and household goods for the first apartment in Germany. This allowance is an individually determined amount, the amount of which depends on the necessary furnishings. The Jobcenter reserves the right to verify this on site. Further information and the application form can be found on this homepage under One-time benefits.


Please make sure that your name is on the mailbox. This is the only way that letters can be delivered to you.

It is absolutely necessary that you inform the Jobcenter about changes in your living space or address. Please also inform the Jobcenter if you should return to Ukraine.

Language courses

If you send an e-mail with your name and place of residence to, you will receive an automatic reply with all the important information on how to get an integration course. You can also get information in advance on the district's website.
The district adult education center (Kreisvolkshochschule) offers the possibility of doing initial language exercises online before an integration course. This is possible via the VHS learning portal. Another free learning offer is provided by Deutsche Welle:

Here you can find the flyer of the Kreisvolkshochschule.

Different language information on unemployment benefit II
Explanatory videos

Application explanatory videos

The explanatory videos will help you understand and correctly fill out the Job Center applications. The explanatory videos are available in German, English, Ukrainian and Russian. You can select the language accordingly via the flag icon on the video.

You can find more videos about our digital services and the Jobcenter here:

More information on the Internet

On the following websites you will find detailed information about residence, housing, childcare, school attendance and financial support in Germany:

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